Everyone knows age 65 = Medicare. But the many decisions to make about coverage and plans often catches people by surprise.

In this episode, Esther Szabo is joined by Susan Lucas, a licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare education and benefits with My Insurance Solutions Inc. Susan discusses when to start planning for coverage, the respective costs for coverage, and how to determine an appropriate plan for one’s needs.

Susan discusses: 

  • What to consider when enrolling in Medicare coverage
  • The purpose of Plans A, B, and D
  • The various applications and considerations of Medicare
  • How your taxable income affects your premiums
  • How to fill the gaps in Medicare with supplemental coverage options
  • And more

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About Our Guest: Susan Lucas is a Licensed Insurance Agent, with My Insurance Solutions, specializing in Medicare education and benefits.  Susan’s focus is helping Medicare beneficiaries and people who are turning 65 find the right benefits for their health needs and budget, with licenses in CA, NV, FL and ME.”