Wednesday June 22nd 11:00am PST | 45 minutes

When the financial headlines are dire… you need the right guidance to know the best path forward. Join Esther Szabo and Erik Schei of Gates Pass Advisors for a live discussion of our current economic realities, and smart strategies for nervous markets.


  • A snapshot of our current market turbulence and its historical context
  • What Behavioral Finance tells us about ourselves
  • Common strategy mistakes made by REACTIVE people (rather than responsive people)
  • Positive financial news that is easy to miss
  • 4 Steps that enable you to come through uncertain times with confidence
  • OPEN THE FLOOR: Q&A with Esther and Erik

Exclusive conversation limited to 12 guests



At Gates Pass our approach is different than the big brokerage houses. Much more all-encompassing of your full financial picture, it includes both financial planning and investment management. We serve our clients in many ways.

OUR MISSION – To guide our clients past uncertainty and complexity, through challenging transitions, and help them get to that good place where their money is doing exactly what they want for their life.

OUR CORE VALUES – Broad-based technical expertise. Each client situation is unique in the financial world is constantly changing. Therefore, we must constantly go over and above to be technical experts across the financial landscape.


Esther Szabo, CFP®, Certified Financial Transitionist®, Founder and CEO

With over 25 years of financial planning experience, Gates Pass founder K. Esther Szabo is a respected leader in her field.

A skilled advisor, Esther can help each individual navigate the many challenges involved in life and financial planning. She is passionate about the role comprehensive financial planning plays in helping a person craft and attain their goals.

Erik Schei, CFA, Certified Financial Transitionist®, Associate Advisor

Since Erik joined Gates Pass in 2019, clients have repeatedly expressed appreciation for his ability to translate current market and investment information into easily digestible and engaging discussions. He is fluid in matching the level of involvement and interest of the client.

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Unlike most financial advisory firms, we don’t measure our size by “Assets Under Management”. At Gates Pass, it’s all about personal, trusted relationships.

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