Transitions can be difficult both financially and emotionally.

But the right advisor can help you face complex events and create plans to confidently face the future.

Our Mission

You might have noticed that life has gotten more complex over the last 25 years. It’s not an illusion – it’s real. The financial crisis and changing household dynamics place new and unprecedented burdens on families and women in particular. Many families are still working through the impact of the financial crisis or coping with changing workplace and business environments. Changes in family status come with their own financial and emotional implications – from boomers pressed to care for aging parents to boomerang millennials to the impact of divorce or loss of a loved one.

Much of the burden unduly falls on women as they have increasingly become the financial as well as emotional center of a household. The emergence of women as the primary breadwinner and key financial decision maker brings new opportunities for women to set the course of their families’ lives – but presents unique challenges too.

Gates Pass Advisors was created to help families, especially women in transition, address their financial needs and goals, both the happy and difficult, in these areas:


Protecting and growing wealth
Gates Pass Cash Flow

Developing cash flow strategies

Ensuring family is protected in case of unforeseen events

Securing comfort and dignity of an aging parent or loved one

Assuming the stewardship of the family’s legacy

Giving back to your community

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