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Especially if there is an estate and some financial complexity involved.

Get this After Divorce Guide packed with valuable information to help you understand the financial implications
of your divorce and how to find the right financial advisor for your needs.

Take control of your financial future and start rebuilding your life.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the big decisions you need to make after this life transition.
Download our AFTER  DIVORCE GUIDE today and get the help you need to make the right decisions.


K. Esther Szabo CFP® and CeFT®

“I specialize in helping families – and women in particular – navigate the many complicated financial realities of life today. I give my clients the confidence to detach from headline anxiety, focus on the fundamentals and big picture, and get crystal clear on their own financial path and strategy.”

— K. Esther Szabo, CFP® and CeFT®, Gates Pass Founder and
Chief Financial Guide


A dramatic life transition, whether it was by personal choice or not, can be emotionally daunting given the many decisions that need to be made. Sound professional advice offers a way to attain clarity, perspective, and peace of mind at a pacing that fits you and your personal needs. Esther Szabo’s personal experience with sudden loss, and her many years providing in-depth financial guidance for women in transition has helped her create this guide to help others navigate this transition with confidence.

If you are going through or about to go through a challenging transition that impacts your financial life, and would like some sound, friendly professional advice, schedule a call with Esther Szabo HERE or click on the button below.

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